frequently asked questions

Is Palmss a paid opportunity for artists? Not yet; Palmss is a single person operation and uses all revenue for printing and distribution. 

Where is Palmss based out of? Los Angeles, California.

Where can I buy Palmss? Available online as well as in several shops. If you want Palmss to be carried in a shop near you, send an email to chinwe dot okona at gmail dot com with info on the location. Also, feel free to tell your local bookstore that you want to see Palmss in stock and let them know to contact me!

Where is Palmss printed? The most recent issue of Palmss was printed at JEJ Print Inc. in Monterey Park, California.

How can I stock Palmss in my store or get a donation? Email chinwe dot okona at gmail dot com to find out about wholesale pricing. Palmss is available to be donated to libraries, raffles, charities etc. so email about that as well!

Will old, out of stock issues of Palmss ever be available for sale again? Unfortunately no. Those issues are permanently out of stock and will no longer be reprinted or sold.