USC Marshall School of Business, Master of Business Administration, 2021

Oberlin College, Bachelor of Arts, 2013

Solo Exhibitions

2018    seedling, Limited Space Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2013    black & gray, The Local, Oberlin, Ohio

Selected Group Shows

2018   CALAFIA: Manifesting the Terrestrial Paradise, MexiCali Biennial, RAFFMA, San Bernardino, California

2018   Plain Sight, Residency Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2018   Reaching Point Break, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, California

2018   Los Angeles Plays Itself, Malaspina Printmakers, Vancouver, British Columbia

2018   Radiant, Blue Roof Studios, Los Angeles, California

2018   RELAY 2, Slide Space 123, Oakland, California

2018    Emerging Visions: Creative Practice at the Nexus of Freedom and Justice, Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, Santa Cruz, California

2018    we make space, and space makes us, NAVEL, Los Angeles, California

2013    Geographies of Self, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

Self-Published Artist Books and Zines

2018, ".calendar"

2018, "Palmss Magazine, Issue 3"

2018, "h20"

2018, "seedling"

2017, “Palmss Magazine, Issue 2”

2017, "mind your manners"

2016, “Palmss Magazine, Issue 1”

2016, "south of the ten"


The Main Museum, Los Angeles, California

NAVEL, Los Angeles, California

School of Visual Arts, New York, New York

The Underground Museum, Los Angeles, Caliornia

Selected Bibliography

Issue 6, Leste Magazine, 2018 (upcoming)

Filtered Zine, Disposable Magazine, 2018

The Diaspora, African-American Studies Department, University of California, Berkeley, 2017

A World Without Prison, Prison Justice Project, 2013

Stories of the Queer Diaspora Anthology, 2013

Zami Zine, Oberlin College, 2013

Awards and Grants

2013, The Norm Robertson Student Prize

2013, The Phyllis Jones Memorial Award

Panels and Performance

2017, There’s Levels to This, University of California, Los Angeles

2017, Writing Herself, The Main Museum, Los Angeles